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Samstag, den 11. Juli 2009

Broken is an award winning stereoscopic short of two robots living behind a television screen. When the big screen accidentally gets destroyed by a loose pipe they get confronted with the world outside. This does not only bring the excitement of new freedom, but comes with unsuspected dangers as well.


Freitag, den 10. Juli 2009

“The adventures of Machinegun teddy” is a small flash (actionscript3) game i created during the last 3 months. It’s a jump’n’shoot game about a teddybear whose beloved owner Lisa has been kidnapped by evil aliens. It’s your mission to rescue her and to free humanity from the alien oppression.


Donnerstag, den 9. Juli 2009

A 3d blog without images is certainly not very interesting. So here we go: My Portfolio (print layout). This portfolio features many images and screenshots of shortfilms I created over the last years. Some of the stuff is really old, but I believe most of it is still good. A showreel is coming up as […]