Broken is an award winning stereoscopic short of two robots living behind a television screen. When the big screen accidentally gets destroyed by a loose pipe they get confronted with the world outside. This does not only bring the excitement of new freedom, but comes with unsuspected dangers as well.

This shortfilm was explicitly designed to be watched in stereoscopic 3d. There’s a couple of versions for different stereo3d systems: Anaglyph (red-cyan), polarization and autostereoscopic 3d (with five streams) as well as a non3d version. If you are interested in the highres versions just contact me.

vimeo_link youtube_link
STEREOSCOPIC VERSION (glasses needed):

MONOSCOPIC VERSION (better colors):

My part on Broken
texturing (models and environment. Heavy use of baking.)
rigging (characters and camera).
rendering (all with scanline renderer).
special effects (breaking glass).
stereo 3d (scripts accompanying the camera).

Stefan Voigt did a great job on animating, lighting, compositing and marketing. His website has lots of useful information, too.

All the modelling was done by Stefan Weinberg inside of Autodesk Maya.

I am proud to announce that Broken has been awarded with 3rd place for stereoscopic storytelling at the INVAZION 09. A polarized version was projected at the fmx 09 in Stuttgart.

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