3dhippie stereocam v2.0 is available now. It includes an amazing amount of new or advanced features to let you create unbelievable 3D images and movies:


  • Real camera plugin
    You can create and move it like a standard targetcamera or use a convert macro if you prefer the old technique.

  • Preview speed
    This has been improved fundamentally. A Full-HD frame optimized anaglyph takes less then a second, making it much more attractive to render anaglyph previews.

  • Alignment (PRO).
    The stereocam can now be aligned to left, center or right side, so you only need to rerender one camera if you made adjustments. It is also very useful if you want to convert old short films to 3D with less rendertime.

  • Pixel parallax presets.
    Choose from and create new pixel parallax presets to get the 3D just right.

  • Great Vray-Implementation.
    The stereocam can be switched to VRay with the click of a button and offers you the choice of using two physical cameras or the stereoscopic helpers.

  • Horizontal overscan (PRO)
    Render your images wider without affecting the field of view and have the ultimate control over your depth in the post.

  • Net rendering
    Send jobs to the network just like any other camera.

  • Stereoscopic viewport preview
    Watch your viewport in 3D while working. All changes will be immediately reflected in the stereoscopic window.

  • More compositing types
    Choose from red/cyan, magenta/green, or amber/blue with monochrome, half-color or optimized algorithm.

  • Stereoscopic player connection (PRO)
    Utilize the power of the stereoscopic player from 3dtv.org .View and adjust either your interactive viewport preview or the rendered results from within the Stereoscopic player offering you even MORE compositing types (e.g. quad-buffered opengl, 3dvision, iz3d).

  • Realtime zero parallax adjustments (PRO)
    Adjust the zero parallax even after you rendered! Just shift the images until the desired depth placement is reached, hit „sync“ and the rig will accomodate to your changes.

  • Stereoscopic animated viewport sequence (PRO)
    Make an animated viewport sequence in full-HD. You can generate a 3D-Clip or use the stereoscopic player connection.


You can download the FREE version here: DOWNLOAD

The PRO license is worth 249€. To order a PRO license download and install the FREE version first. You will need your authorisation code to complete the purchase. Read more about licensing in the accompanying readme file.

License Type

To get the most benefit from 3dhippie stereocam I highly recommend to purchase a license of the stereoscopic player as well.


Watch a video demonstration online here:

3dhippie stereocam v2 from DavidShelton on Vimeo.


  1. Hans Castrop

    Hi David;
    I’m interested in using stereoscopic 3dsmax with real life footage from a stereo camera rig. How can I match the footage in 3Dsmax to the real life footage? are there settings I can make, like for instance interaxial distance, lens settings? I want to compose both CGI and real life footage in After Effects. (or if must be in 3Dsmax).

  2. wheiraucher

    Hi Hans. Of couse you have settings like interaxial distance and lens settings. But I’m not very familiar with matching real life footage. In theory it should be absolutely possible, but the footage must be really good and stable. I think some tracking software (e.g. Syntheyes) can track stereo-footage an generate 2 cameras. This might be more interesting for you.

  3. Sebastian

    Hello David,
    congrats! nice tool. But where i can find my rendered images?
    is there an output path dialog?
    can i render out finished composed sequences?
    greets sebastian

  4. wheiraucher

    Hi Sebastian. The script uses the renderoutput path specified in the default render dialog. If you check, composite each image, it will create a finished composed sequence.

  5. Alex

    Hi David

    I am interested in purchasing your plugin, but can you confirm if this works with active 3D? I have shutter glasses so I assume i would have to run everything test wise through the stereoscopic player. I have checked out the layout options after downloading the trial of the stereoscopic player and there is a lot, interlaced, side by side, 2d and depth etc, what is the default output from your plugin to run in this player? Apologies if I have missed this information on your site.


  6. wheiraucher

    Hi Alex. You assume right, to use shutter glasses you will have to use the stereoscopic player. The 3dhippie stereocam will save a temporary left/right stacked image and open it in the stereoplayer. The correct option is probably 3dvision, but you can change the displaymode at any time. Just load any 3d picture or movie in the stereoplayer (there are some in the download section of the 3dtv site) and try to find the correct displaymode. If you’re able to view the film properly, the 3dhippie stereocam will be perfect for you.

  7. Alex

    Hi David

    Thanks for your quick response.

    I have downloaded your trial and selected ‘viewport sequence’ and checked open with stereoscopic player, but even with Nvidia 3D vision selected in settings for my asus 3d screen, the video play top and bottom and has no 3d effect.

    Any thoughts on this?

  8. wheiraucher

    Are you sure you have the most recent version of the stereoscopic player? It must be at least 1.9.3 .

  9. Alex

    Hi David

    Yes, i purchased a license for the latest version today.

  10. Alex

    Hi David

    If you have any suggestions this would help greatly, once I can confirm a success I will be happy to purchase.


  11. wheiraucher

    Hi Alex. Have you successfully opened any file with the stereoscopic player and been able to watch it in a good viewing mode?

  12. Alex

    Hi David

    Success, i uninstalled and re-installed the player and it works now :-)

    My next test consisted of a quick render with leaves in 3d max as particles falling past the camera but this does not seem to render left and right eye images, a normal camera however does seem to render them fine.

    Have you come across this issue?

  13. wheiraucher

    that’s good news. I have not come across that problem and can’t think of any reason. Maybe you have chosen a really high interaxial and the cameras simply miss the leaves? Or you have checked “link clipping planes”, and the leaves are being clipped away?

  14. vertigo262

    Also, just thought about this,

    the ability to load the image or buffer into a 3rd party app that you want by associating the .exe, for example, I use Stereo Photo Maker a lot, would be nice if could just call the the program needed


  15. wheiraucher

    Hi Kevin. The camera is currently only interacting with the stereoscopic player. But I will look into making a connection to stereo photo maker. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Thanks for the idea.