Beta testing is over. Thank you all for the great feedback. The final version will be available soon.

This is a very exciting announcement. After a long time of development the new stereocam version is almost ready. If you want to check it out, contact me immediately. I need people to experiment with it and provide me with good feedback (bugs, missing features, awkward behaviour etc.).

Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • Real Camera Plugin
    You can create and move it like a standard targetcamera or use a convert Macro if you prefer the old technique.
  • Preview Speed
    This has been improved fundamentally. A Full-HD Frame optimised anaglyph takes less then a second, making it much more attractive to render anaglyph previews.
  • Alignment.
    The Stereocam can now be aligned to left, center or right side, so you only need to rerender one camera if you made adjustments. It is also very useful if you want to convert old short films to 3D with less rendertime.
  • Pixel Parallax Presets.
    Choose from and create new pixel-parallax presets to get the 3D just right.
  • Best Vray-Implementation.
    The Stereocam can be switched to VRAY with the click of a button and offers you the choice of using two physical cameras or the stereoscopic helpers.
  • Horizontal Overscan
    Render your Images wider without affecting the field of view and have the ultimate control over your depth in the post.
  • Pixel-Parallax Ruler
    Get the best overview of how your depth is beeing distributed over the scene with a implemented ruler.
  • Net Rendering
    Send jobs to the network just like any other camera
  • Heavy Optimization
    Lots of minor improvements provide you with a smooth workflow

The biggest new feature, although, is called the Stereoscopic Window. It is the Stereocam’s very own Frame buffer and offers amazing possibilites:

  • Interactive Viewport Preview
    Watch your viewport in 3D while working. All changes will be immediately reflected in the stereoscopic window.
  • More Compositing types
    Choose from red/cyan, magenta/green, or amber/blue with monochrome, half-color or optimized algorithm.
  • Stereoscopic Player Connection
    Utilize the power of the stereoscopic player from .View and adjust either your interactive viewport preview or the rendered results from within the Stereoscopic player offering you even MORE compositing types (e.g. quad-buffered opengl, nivision, iz3d).
  • Realtime ZPS Adjustment
    Adjust the ZPS even after you rendered! Just shift the images until the desired depth placement is reached, hit „sync“ and the rig will accomodate to your changes.You can also go the other way around and adjust the screenplane in the rig. The stereoscopic window will update even a rendered image.
  • High Quality Nitrous Preview
    Sacrifice some interactive speed to get a non-grainy 3d viewport preview.

26 Reaktionen zu “stereocam 2.0 CALL FOR BETA TESTERS – ENDED”

  1. alex liou

    actually,I need eight Camera more.please!

  2. wheiraucher

    Hi Alex. If you need eight cameras please contact .They are in charge of distributing a multiview camera based on this plugin.

  3. Michael Heath

    Working on many Stereo projects in the surgery room, used your previous camera rig. Would love to try this one as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  4. Sam

    Hi Shelton,

    I’m a bit fan of your Stereo Hippy camera and am very excited to see that you are developing a version 2.0. I would love the opportunity to Beta test it if possible.

    All the best,

  5. alex liou

    HI,it’s me again.Can i set key with cemera distance?

  6. Leonardo

    Hi David, sorry for my weak english, i will try my best.

    one thing a realy will like it’s the camera follow the link constraint in the 3ds max. because the last version do not. when i link with some helper and unlink and relink again in other helper, the link brokes.

  7. wheiraucher

    @Alex, sure you can animate the camera distance (called interaxial) all you want.

    @Leonardo: I haven’t tested that yet but I will make sure that it’s going to work with this release. Thanks for the info.

  8. matt

    I would welcome the chance to beta-test your stereo camera script. I have been using ‘the old one’ for some time and have used it on a couple of our productions.

    Cheers, matt

  9. Rafael

    Hey David, looking forward for this new version. I’ll be glad to help you testing the new version. Feel free to send me some email.


  10. Bruce Fitter

    Hi David

    I am doing a PhD on stereoscopic filming. I will be doing actual film and 3d modeled footage as well. I would like to trial (and use) this plug in for this.

    I have some ideas I can forward in the future regarding design stuff for a physical rig (with new features) it would be great to have these new features in a virtual camera as well. If you like I will discuss these with you in time.

    Best regards


  11. wheiraucher

    haha, everyone started calling me Alex. I couldn’t let that happen and have changed the comments, hope that’s ok for you.

    Now to answer questions:
    @ Leonardo: Yes, the Link constraint does work.
    @ Bruce: Looking forward to hearing your ideas. I will send you a mail.

  12. Yves Adam

    David, we\’re in the middle of a stereoproduction using the old version of your stereoscript … who would we go about obtaining this 2.0 version ? we could really use it (especially if we can preview using the vray framebuffer or your new framebuffer)



  13. Leonardo

    Hi David, not Alex…hahaha sorry for that.

    That’s a great news!!!this feature will help a lot. thank you so much.

  14. Sauvage Didier

    if possible I\’m glad to try you stereo camera and test it

  15. Steve Smith

    We are exploring the world of S3D with a project underway already. I would love to check out the new features in your V2. Thanks for putting so much effort into your work. Where can we get a Beta version from to try out?

  16. Bernd


    I´m very much interested in your stereocam 2.0 plugin. We are developing autostereoscopic displays for two-view and multi-view applications and I am producing content for them. Thats why I am always scanning the net for all kinds of stereoscopic content and creation tools. So I will be happy if you send me a download link or a zip of your work. Thank you in advance!


  17. marco g. berdinatilli

    i would love to try it, especially now that i got a polarized 3d screen :)

  18. Tais Koopmann

    Really nice work David. I would really like to try out your tool, however Im abit busy lately. So I dont know how active I can be with feedback right now.

  19. Jorge

    I´m very much interested in your stereocam 2.0 plugin. I would love the opportunity to Beta test it if possible.



  20. Leo

    I would like to test stereocam 2.0.

  21. tevfik ercan

    I want to try it too, thanks in advance

  22. Bruce Fitter

    Hi David

    Still waiting for a link to beta test version 2. Very excited to try. I have lectured some degree students on S3D using 1.6 and it was great so can’t wait to try v2.

    Vest regards


  23. Gary Dunn

    I would like to be a beta tester.

  24. Victor

    Hi David
    We are working on a project for cinema viewing, I can give feedback regarding how the stereo looks on Christie projectors.


  25. Denis

    Hello David !

    I would like to know If you tought to State Sets .
    I full using this tool in 3dmax. (with After effect).

    i would like try it . or buy… soon ?

  26. changho

    Hi David!
    I would like to be a beta tester,too.