A maxscript to remap entire psd files with all the layers to a different Set of Uvs.

RemapPSD bridges the power of render to texture inside 3ds Max and the photoshop application. With RemapPSD you can easily map your entire photoshop file to a different set of uvs. The script will handle even very complex photoshop files with:

  • layers with masks
  • folders with masks
  • nested folders
  • adjustment layers with masks
  • layered tiffs

An example case: You have worked on a lowpoly game character and are almost done when the lead artist approaches you with the request to give the character’s face more space on the texture. This is not so difficult if you are working on a flat image, but impossible to do with complex photshop files. With RemapPSD it’s inredibly easy. You can change the uv-layout of an existing model and the psd file with all the layers, folders, adjustment layers, masks etc, will be remapped with just the click of a button.

I hope you will find it just as helpful as I do. It is probably best to watch the video tutorial on vimeo.


go get it from scriptspot:

or use the direct downloadlink: remapPSD.mzp


  1. Select Maxscript/run and choose „RemapPSD.mzp“
  2. You will find the macroscipt under customize in the category „3dhippie“. Assign it to a shortcut or make a new menu item.


Basically you need three things to make the script work.

  1. Any piece of textured geometry
  2. Two sets of UV’s: Channel 1 for the old mapping, Channel 2 for the new mapping
  3. A standard material with a bitmap texture as it’s diffuse map

RemapPSD will do the rest for you.

The script will run through four phases:

  1. Photoshop will pop up, open the document, save it under „[originalname]_remapped“ and do some preparations.
  2. Back in 3ds Max render to texture will render all layers.
  3. Photoshop will collect all rendered images and update the psdfile.
  4. In 3ds Max the original object’s material will be updated to use the remapped psd file.

That’s it. You can now continue working on your psd file which will be organized just the same as before, with all layers, adjustment layers, folders and so on.


You cannot remap vector elements, such as vector masks, or text layers, or smartobjects. All of those elements will be rasterized.


If you like the script and have enjoyed the time saving, maybe you would like to donate a little. Me and my family would highly appreciate it. What is it worth to you? A cone of icecream, a pizza, or a new piece of furniture? However much you pay, it will definitely make someone happy.

If you have comments or critique, you are always welcome to write me a line. I can’t promise that I will implement new feature requests, but I will try my best.

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  1. James Chen

    Danke Schoen! can’t wait to see how this work!

  2. wheiraucher

    Gern geschehen. I have updated the article with downloadlinks to scriptspot.

  3. Stefan Voigt

    Wow, you\’re amazing!
    Really great script!

    Can\’t wait to see what you\’re pulling off next time :)

  4. seaira

    are there any plans to make this work for Maya?

  5. wheiraucher

    Nope, sorry. But thanks for the interest.